Reinvent the way you balance work and family life

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Our goal is to take work-life balance to the next level, and create an environment where parents do not feel obligated to choose between their career and their children.


Together we can balance work and family: because it takes a village to raise a child!



On site pop up creche on demand:

Educatrice (FR/EN)

0-4 years old

Dedicated space





Improve your network and enjoy workshops and networking events.

Take part of our vibrant community!




Our events include flexible childcare: be just a few meters away from your little one and relax




Network and cowork with other freelancers and entrepreneurs!

Testimonials from our previous pop up space in Malley


We select our partners for their quality and their dedication to their products. We care about making your life as a parent and a child as smooth as possible!

" Returning from MAT leave is not so bad when you have this shiny new office and you know your daughter is being well looked after right next door with Laura! "


Amy, joining with her 8 months old daughter

" Une jolie aventure de coworking/crèche sur la région Lausanne, commencée fin août. Ces matinées au calme dans la partie travail m'ont permis de renouer avec ma passion de l'écriture, pendant qu'E. se faisait des copains dans la partie garderie, tout en ayant chaque semaine un moment en dehors du cadre familial à faire des jeux, de la cuisine et des bricolages. "


Alessia, joining with her 2 year old boy

Fresh and healthy food for your little one (and you!) from 4 months old by DeliKits! Order online and delivered at your door. For busy and healthy lifestyles

Activity modules adapted for the youngest age!

Rich in superfood and low in sugar, a smart cake is perfect for a coffee break.

Network for creative and authentic women entrepreneurs.



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Temporary pop up coworking with childcare: stay tuned!




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