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Megan, Jelissa and Nuria


Pic taken by Nicolas Tétreault



Jelissa, Nuria & Megan met in December 2016 after finding out through the web that they had similar ideas to start a baby friendly coworking space in Lausanne. They hit it off instantly and decided to combine forces to make their concept a reality!

Aspiring to have a better balance between family life and work, they were convinced that a supportive community was the way to make The Village a success- After all, it takes a village to raise a child!


Jelissa is a scientist and true to her career stereotype, has lots of projects in her head! Together with her 1 year old and 4 year old, she runs The Village and you'll probably meet her during a visit onsite.

Nuria is the IT-go-to of the team and she works alongside her 1 year old boy. A real life model of flexibility and remote working, she's a self confessed digital nomad!

Megan juggles between her career and her two small boys. At The Village, she takes care of communications and The Village social.



December 2016: Founding of the association

Jan-June 2017: Business planning and community survey

June 2017: Premises in Malley, Lausanne

July 2017: IKEA supports The Village

August 2017: Opening & first coworkers

December 2017: 14 coworkers are joining with their child



Pic taken by Nicolas Tétreault



24 heures

Familiaux ou branchés "à la google", les espaces de coworking se multiplient


Le Temps

Un village de parents travailleurs tout neuf à Lausanne

We thank IKEA for the support to The Village by furnishing the space

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