Coworking & Childcare

Coworking + childcare

Take a seat in our coworking space and focus on your work while your child is supervised for 4h by a professional caregiver next door! This includes:

  • a snack for baby
  • separated nap area with secure beds
  • activities adapted to your childs age and needs
  • kitchen facilities for everyone
  • a professional workplace and office facilities including wifi




  • 4 sessions in one month = 260.-CHF

10% for the annual subscription

  • 10 sessions for 3 months = 600.-CHF
  • Drop in (dépannage) 85chf


All coworkers are members of the association (annual cotization 30 chf). It is valid for both parents and they can share the subscription. An additionnal child benefits from 30% discount.



8h30 - 12h30 (4h)


13h30 - 17h30 (4h)



We foster the parent-child relationship and prioritize your and your child's wellbeing. Children will learn to live in community while benefitting from the parent's proximity next door. By joining a social environment with a combined age group, children develop respect and team play.


Our team of childcare professionals (educatrices) speaks French to children and helps translating to English if needed.

Children evolve in a large room separated in different areas:


Play area: for group activities and individual play, from crafts to yoga!

Reading area: for relaxed moments

Eating area: a snack is provided and adapted to the child's age (mixed or raw fruit with bread for example)

Nap area: for calm moments next door - 3 cribs are available

" Ce projet est important pour les parents qui travaillent. Ils ne recherchent pas juste une solution de garde, mais un réel moyen d'améliorer l'équilibre entre vies familiale et professionnelle. "


This project is so important for working parents. They are not just looking for a childcare solution, but a real improvement of their work-life balance.


Charline, educatrice at The Village

" J'apprécie la relation proche des parents et pouvoir les soutenir dans leur démarche "


A close relationship with parents is important to me, and I love being able to support them in their choice.


Laura, educatrice at The Village

" Apprendre en jouant et accueillir les enfants de manière bienveillante sont des valeurs fondamentales pour moi "


Learning by playing and welcoming children in a caring way are fundamental values for me.


Tiffany, educatrice at The Village

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