Meet the team & Coworkers


Founder & Facilitator

Graduated in chemistry, Jelissa founded the Village Coworking when she needed to balance work and life. With 2 kids and being a freelancer, she believes parents (and moms!) deserve a space where they can both work and stay close to their child, in the best environment.


Childcare teacher & Visual design

Tiffany strongly believes in the importance of the Village for working parents. She started working at The Village in 2017 as a childcare teacher and takes care of babies 0-2 years old, while their parents are working next door. Her mission is to convey to children the importance of living in contact with, and in respect of, nature. She is also creating designs for social media.


Secretary and administration

Graduated in linguistic and cultural mediation, she worked as marketing and admission officer in a Fine Arts Academy in Milan for seven years. She recently joined the Village team, taking care of administrative and secretarial tasks. Annalisa believes in the importance of a sustainable life, authentic relationships and a healthy work-life balance.


Director at l'ecoline

Doctor in Geopolitics, Marion left the diplomacy and International cooperation sector to create the school which she dreamed of for her children. Since 2012 she has been passionate about child education and innovative organisations. She organised and took part in the 2 Swiss Study groups to Reggio Emilia in 2016 and 2017.

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I'm a french painter and designer living in Austral Africa and Switzerland.
Formerly from the jewellery industry, my works try to be an artistic translation born of my interests for lavish shapes and the colours of nature. An early life in Africa and subsequent travels developped my inspiration in the observation of exotic aesthetics, whilst they reveal a personal perception and reflexion on the events and path of a human life.



Je suis l'heureuse maman d'une petite fille née le jour d'une belle lune rouge et qui nous illumine de sa belle lumière depuis. Professionnelle de la communication, mon objectif est de mettre mes compétences, ma créativité et mon énergie positive au service d’une entreprise ou d’une institution dont je partage les valeurs et qui offre un environnement de travail dynamique.

Avoir trouvé The Village juste après la naissance de ma fille a été pour moi une chance incroyable! Quelle idée géniale! Cela me permet de pouvoir aisément continuer une activité d'indépendante tout en vivant ma maternité de manière équilibrée.